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2016 - 03.21


2015 - 10.05

Hello dear Inner Space Friends!

with big cosmic pleasure we whanna announce that we make alive and give a new breathe of life into very old and legendary underground independent electronic music record label — Izhitsa records!

Izhitsa records bandcamp

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SYSTO SOLAR 2015 survive after many troubles!

2015 - 05.15

Its nothing to say you people who don’t visit this nice event and don’t try to catch the spirit of pure Russian survival style in forest with beautiful nature and some system matrix treatments *) a lot of cops in first days that was trying to stop the gathering and local administration departments with their mind and treatments and judgement over main organisers that they win ! Systo team became Russian psychedelic heroes now and open the gates for legal gathering in the Forest! Inner Space team was glad to meat again with Space Of Joy Community and wish all the best to this crowd in future! Of Course this festival still have a lot of some materialistic problems but only one important thing that we see — that this huge many thousand of freaks don’t wanna stop it ! All the Best Systo ! Hope to blast your forest night dancepolyana again !


this is a little movie from Systo Solar 2015 that we catch in internet! So Enjoy!



2015 - 05.15

After very massive and terrible earthquake in Hymalayas, one of the most holly and cosmic places on the Earth a lot and lot of good earthlings imidiatly send rays of light and help to all people who became victims in this story. Some people goes to build houses and help people, some people send money and love some people praying… all this is very important and psychedelic community dont stay faraway from this!

We can say say more! A lot of artists and labels imidiatly start to making some special music cases to collect money and send in to the people of Tibet! One of this project is

SPACEHEALER’s — Sagarmāthā (mini album)

sagar with logo

that TRIMURTI RECORDS was gently collect track by track and decide to release!

Now all tracks finished, mastered by MANIFOLD STUDIOS and waiting for artwork from Greece! So Please keep in connect with Trimurti Records bandcam page, buy this release and be sure that all your money goes imidiatly to people of Hymalaya!

trimurti records



2015 - 05.15

Its Nice space news comming to lab !
Our cosmic messanger friend DJ MYSTICAL VOYAGER
author and programmer of his UK based psychedelic radio show invite Spacehealers
into a huge artists list of Visionary Shamanics records !

visionary logo

Soon we waiting 3 tracks by Spacehealers on 3 different VA compilations!
and Ildaar Spacehealer guest Dj set for Mystical Voyager Radioshow!
keep in psychedelic connection to be close to more info!



Boom Boom ! This is Headbloom ! Im Comming Soon !

2014 - 08.31

Nice killer news folks ! Sonic mafia revenge after gentleman’s pause in business. Professional cook service and forest farm keepers love to make surprises ! and its fucking works ! look arond on tracklist and start to dance in your mos grave space freaks ! this is real headbloom! and its comes out very soon ! when mushroom season take its avalanche power worldwide (sept-october says in headquaters) you can grab your copy at beatspace. I was lucky bastard to have listen few tracks and need to say! you will in shock again *) who still feel shocked by their last Sonic Visions (with real vision mafia), that one understand this message… keep in touch !

ILDAAR SPACEHEALER — Synaptic Transmissions LP out now !!!

2014 - 08.31

Album Synaptic Transmissions its a time machine travel into age of tru e.l.e.c.t.r.o. beats and atmospheres of phuture space. Its a worship for genre were Ildaar starts his underground electronic music journey. After many years of transformation and experiments, its his solo vision of his young years emotions, mixed with years of space and saiko expiriences… grab your free copy here ! and say to friends!
and dont forget to have a blast night party with special presentation mix by Ildaar @ mixcloud…

Ildaar Spacehealer — Synaptic Transmission Album presentatation live set by Spacehealers on Mixcloud

THE CYBERIANS — Liquid Sunset Dimensions LP out now on our bandcamp!!!

2014 - 08.31


2014 - 04.24

Друзья ! Проект фестиваля перенесен на следующий год !!!

В Этом году фестиваль отменяется!

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Ildaar Spacehealer presents WAVE DIGGER live set recorded in Izhevsk. 2014.mrch

2014 - 03.28

Ildaar Spacehealer — Wave Digger (2014) by Spacehealers on Mixcloud